Steve's Pit Stop, Since 1974


Steve's Pit Stop has been up and running since before 1974.  I made it official in May of 1977 by opening my first VW-Porsche  auto shop located in Simi Valley, California.   Our current location is 4330 Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA 93063 USA

In The Beginning...

Starting out as a small VW-Porsche auto repair in town and offering standard maintenance such as oil changes and all types of repairs, we transitioned to a full service restoration shop over time to add to our menu of items.  We offer full ground up mechanical restorations for our customers. including fabrication, and custom paint jobs. Already certified in many areas, we are still growing fast!


Steve's Pit Stop - is not, in any way, licensed, sponsored, or affiliated with Volkswagen or Porsche manufactures,   Steve's Pit Stop + is not affiliated and has never been affiliated in any way, shape or form with Volkswagen of America.  No inference should ever be drawn that we have links or reference to Volkswagen of America or it's parent company or any of its subsidiaries.  We just service, repair and restore the cars that we all love.